Friday’s Top Ten, 5.24.13

Happy Friday!

This weekend is moving weekend and it’s starting with the arrival of our new bed frame, woo! Next they are boxing our TVs and preparing the washer and dryer for the movers. Sunday the movers arrive and pack everything up and take it away. And so Saturday is our last night in Columbus. :'(

My next blog post will be from Chicago! Here’s this Friday’s top ten and have a great weekend! Go Pens!

#10 Lemon Burst Cookies

This weekend I made Brown Eyed Baker’s lemon cookies for Mike to take to his new co workers in Wisconsin. After trying one, I told him ‘you’re welcome’ because his co workers are going to love him! These cookies rival Giada’s lemon ricotta cookies and if you’re looking for a full bodied lemon cookie, these cookies are the ones!

#9 Perfect Potatoes Au Gratin by Pioneer Woman

Monday I went to the gym for a run and strength training because it was insanely humid outside and I’d rather not sweat out my entire body weight when it’s only May! I watched the Pioneer Woman’s TV show while I was on the treadmill which probably wasn’t a good idea but she made these perfect potatoes Au Gratin that look delicious! They are also very easy to make and I’m adding them to my list of recipes to try.

#8 Iron Chef America, Tournament of Champions

I have recently started watching Iron Chef America which is kind of surprising because many who love Chopped also love Iron Chef. After the Chopped All Stars competition ended Food Network started the Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions. This week Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian faced off and I was totally rooting for Chef Symon. I may have even developed a crush on him. <Spoiler Alert> But I was happy to see Chef Symon won and is advancing to the final round!

#7 Roochel’s Randoms Facebook page

Roochel’s Randoms has a Facebook page! Please check it out and like it! The goal is to reach 30 likes and let’s make it happen! And thank you for continuing to follow my blog.

#6 Corgi cuteness: puppy!

corgi puppy!

#5 Inspirational Words to Live By:

love quote

#4 Essie Peach Daiquiri

I painted my toes and fingernails this week and I love this nail color! It’s so nice and bright and great for summer!


#3 Memorial day

Did you know on Memorial Day the American flag is only at half mast until noon and then raised to full staff the remainder of the day? At noon the memory of those who gave their lives serving our country is raised by the living, who continue to fight for liberty and justice for all. While you are enjoying your Memorial Day cookout please remember those who have served and are currently serving.

#2 Tim Horton’s

Even though I will be closer to the Canadian border in Wisconsin, I will be farther away from the Tim Horton’s coffee shops. While Tim’s isn’t the all the time best coffee and donuts shop, it is pretty damn good which means I am going to Tim’s for one last time before I leave Columbus.

#1 Travel Keepsake Kits

With all the packing and driving that I have over the next couple days it’s had me daydreaming of a nice vacation for me and Mike. These travel keepsake kits are a great way to store photos and mementos from trips across the US and internationally.

travel keepsake kits

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