Farewell Columbus! Weekend

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! I most certainly did! This weekend was a jam packed- let’s see everyone before we leave- weekend. It started with a farewell party at the Winking Lizard. Mike and I invited all of our close friends from work and outside of work and EVERYONE came! We couldn’t believe it! We felt so loved! Of course we wanted to see everyone but sometimes people have plans, are out of town, or things come up but not this time! Our close friends from Cleveland drove two hours to see us, stayed for awhile, and drove back that night! They said it was worth it and I have to agree.

Saturday morning Mike and I went to Pilates together with our friends Barbara and her boyfriend, Daniel. Barbara and I discovered we have been going to the same Pilates studio for a couple weeks now but completely missed each other! So the four of us decided to take the class together. There were ten people and half were male! That doesn’t happen often, I’ve had guys attend class with me before, but not 4 or 5! Daniel even said he took Pilates when he was in school to help with football. The stretches in Pilates can help you get that much further when trying to score a touchdown. I love when people see how exercise has an effect in other activities.

After Pilates we went to the Sweet Clove Cafe. The restaurant is part of the HoneyBaked Ham stores. They serve breakfast until 3 pm and they do not disappoint! First they have candied bacon and our waitress did a very good job of making sure each one of us ordered it. Second they bring you mini bread loaves to enjoy while you wait for your food, we had a cinnamon streusel bread. And finally they have King’s Hawaiian french toast and when you order french toast or pancakes they bring out a giant bowl of whipping cream to top off you pancakes or french toast. It was unbelievable!

Less than 7 days until our big move to Wisconsin!

spring flowers

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