Friday’s Top Ten, 5.17.13

Happy Friday!

Today was Mike’s last day in Delaware before he starts his NEW job in Wisconsin! Holy cannoli things are starting to move fast as the relocation process is put into gear. Within 10 days we will be moved out of the apartment. And I only have 3 and a half more days in Delaware! I’m sad to leave Columbus but one of my close friends started the trend of moving on to a new position with our company and many have followed. It reminds of graduating from high school and you and your friends go to different colleges.

Anyways, Mike and I are getting together with our close friends in Columbus tonight to celebrate Mike’s last day and have a proper send off for our journey to the great north.

#10 43 Things that Make You Feel Old

#42 on this list is Full House had their 25th anniversary this year. (Mary Kate and Ashley did not attend) I can’t believe it’s been that long! I grew up watching this show and loved it!

full house\

#9 Salad Container vs. Salad in a Jar

This one is totally random but The Chew had these salad containers on their show and talked about how convenient they are for lunches. But I remembered that I saw something much better on pinterest: salads in a mason jar! Mason jars are so much cheaper (the product on The Chew is $7 per container) and as long as you put the dressing on the bottom and lettuce on top your lettuce doesn’t wilt!

Salad in a Jar
Salad in a Jar

#8 Cheesy Broccoli Orzo

Mike and I tried Iowa Girl’s Cheesy Broccoli Orzo this week and it was delicious! It tastes just like mac n cheese but is so much easier to make!

#7 Almond Cake

I have found a new recipe to add to my list of ones to try: almond cake! It looks just like Texas sheet cake but with almond flavor instead of chocolate.

#6 (un) Corgi Cuteness

I can’t wait to have a dog for this reason:

golden retriever

#5 Pool Season

I know Memorial Day is usually the start of pool season for some but for me it started about a week ago. Even though our pool has been open since April we haven’t had decent weather until recently. This is where I spent my afternoon:



#4 Yuengling

This afternoon I enjoyed a nice, cool Yuengling and sadly it will be one of the last times I have one for a while. Unfortunately Yuengling is not distributed west of Ohio.

#3 Wardrobe Essentials

With our move to Wisconsin, I have to pack for the short term until we find a place to live and the hardest part is deciding what shoes to bring! I found this great packing list of wardrobe essentials or minimums to help me pack. As for the shoes I’m thinking I need 10 pairs. ;)

wardrobe packing list


#2 Chicago

For two weeks I get to work from our Chicago office. While the office is about 45 minutes south of downtown I’m excited that I can say I’m working from Chicago for two weeks before I am officially a Wisconsin resident.


Are you a fan of NCIS? I am a huge fan and I can’t believe the season finale! I can’t believe I have to wait all summer to find out who was shot! Damn you season finales!

Alright well it’s time for me to get ready for the celebration, have a great weekend

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