Friday’s Top Ten, 5.10.13

Happy Friday!

This week has been a long one for me because Mike was in Pittsburgh training the entire week. But he’s back and we finally have a Friday evening together plus more to come! Tonight we are going to enjoy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Columbus: the Wine Bistro. Their flat breads are delicious and I love their tomato soup, go figure! (See my latest addiction: tomato soup and grilled cheese)

I was able to leave work early yesterday to soak up some sunshine at the pool and I have plans to do the same next week. This is my favorite time of the year. J

#10 Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day and this year I sent my mom tulips. I know it’s not the most creative present but she enjoys flowers and I know it was totally unexpected from me because I’ve never done it before. Next year I won’t send flowers though. If you’re still struggling for a Mother’s Day present here are some ideas of what not to give your mom.

#9 Ruffle Swimsuit Top

Now that swimsuit season is here (for me at least) I’ve been looking for a new suit. I found this top and I love it but the price is a little high. I’m in the hunt for one similar or totally different and super cute.

nordstrom bikini

#8 Blue DIY Chair

I finally finished my DIY blue chair yesterday! I started it about three months ago and this week I finished the seat cushion.

blue chair

#7 Silver Linings Playbook

I watched the Silver Linings Playbook while Mike was out of town and it’s a really great movie! Aside from the Eagles fans, it was a great story and I highly recommend it.

#6 Corgi Cuteness

I had to bring back the cute corgis and I think the caption on this picture just says it all!

husky corgi

#5 Adidas Running Jacket

I have been searching for a nice light weight running jacket and I think I’ve found one! This Adidas jacket is nice and light without seeming like a trash bag. I’ll let you know how it works out when I buy it!

#4 Summer Sandals

This week I found a really cute pair of summer white sandals but after wearing them at work I found that they didn’t stay on my feet very well and ended up returning them. After searching DSW online I think I found a great replacement pair.

#3 Salted Caramel Brownies

One of my favorite blogs, Two Peas and their Pod, had a salted caramel week and the recipes looked delicious! My favorite cake pop is the salted caramel one at Starbucks and this recipe for salted caramel brownies might be a close second to that cake pop!

#2 Wall Art

Better Homes and Gardens have many ideas for blank walls and I love not only the art but also the room. It would be great to have this room in an apartment or house someday!

#1 My new Pens jersey!

fleury jersey

Mike told me he had a surprise for me when he came home and it was a Penguins jersey! It’s Fleury’s jersey, who despite his bad game on Tuesday, is still one of my favorite players. I still love Malkin and Murray but also Fleury. Fleury didn’t start last night and I was happy he didn’t because Vokoun did a great job in the net and completely shut out the Islanders! It was great and I’m confident we can continue with Fleury or Vokoun in the net. I think I will be holding my breath the whole game tomorrow.

I hope you have a great weekend and GO PENS!

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