Cap City Quarter Marathon, Half the Distance, Double the Fun!

Happy Wednesday!

I meant to post earlier about the Cap City race but time got the best of me and I’m just now getting around to it. The race was great! I didn’t have any pain in my knee the whole time and I finished in 1:09!  (Let’s ignore the fact that the male marathon winner finished the same time I did) The last two quarter marathons I ran I finished in 1:04 but I’m super happy with my time. Also I’m glad I ran the quarter and not the half because I was able to focus on good form and not doing too much too soon. It was half the distance and double the fun!

I intended to run the whole race with my friend Marti but she had a bad stitch in her side at mile 3 and stopped to walk for a minute. I was feeling really good so I continued on. We both knew I would end up leaving her at some point; I have a history of doing that, I just thought it would be closer to the end. A couple years ago we ran the Dam Fool 5 miler when I was training for a marathon and I ditched her at the last mile because I was hungry! There were Panera bagels at the end, can you blame me?

Me and Marti
Me and Marti

I was really impressed by my running form when I crossed the finish. It was excellent and you can see it here.

Mike did a really excellent job too! It was his first and he finished in 2:18! I’m so proud of him and I think he’s become addicted. :)

Me and Mike Cap City
Me and Mike

If you’re interested in running a quarter marathon (6.55 miles) or 10K (6.2 miles) and are looking for a training plan I highly recommend Hal Higdon’s plan. The only adjustments I made were to increase my pace on the short 2 mile runs and do more of a sprint workout or interval training.

Now it’s time to decide what my next race will be and I’m considering the Trek Women’s Triathlon series in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Last year I trained for a triathlon and a couple weeks before the race found out it was canceled due to road construction.  The Trek  triathlon series was in Columbus two years ago but hasn’t been back since because it seems they haven’t found a good race site. But they’ve had this race in Wisconsin for a couple years now so I don’t think the location will be an issue or have to worry about a cancellation.


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