Friday’s Top Ten, 5.3.13

Happy Friday!

It’s a three day weekend for me and Mike and the weekend is off to a great start! We started out the day with breakfast at North Star Cafe which means….Cloud Nine Ricotta pancakes! I’m really going to miss North Star when we move because these are the fluffiest pancakes ever and I’ve never tasted anything like them! After that I treated myself to some pampering with a pedicure. No better way to relax than having your toes done! Then Mike and I went to pick up our race packets for the Cap City marathon! Weirdly enough our race shirts smell like pickles but hopefully that will go away after washing them.

The weather has been so nice this week that I’m planning a vacation day next week to lay out at the pool all day. What could be better than soaking up the sun with a good book? Nothing!

#10 (un) Corgi Cuteness

I’m not a huge pug fan but I think this guy is adorable and wouldn’t mind his company during my pool day!

pool pug

#9 German Chocolate Cake

Mike’s birthday is tomorrow and I decided to try my hand at baking his favorite, German chocolate cake. Let me tell you, this is an exhausting cake to make! I thought I would have it done in two hours and I was finishing it up at 10:30 pm and then I passed out! But overall the cake was a success and very delicious. I can’t say I’ll make this cake very often though… once a year works for me!

German chocolate cake

#8 Isolated Leg Training

This week I tried an isolated leg training on my bike using my trainer indoors. The training will help increase my average mph and I will definitely continue using it. If you’re interested in purchasing a trainer for your bike, this is the one I use.

Isolated Leg Training for Indoors
Isolated Leg Training for Indoors

#7 Lobster Oven Mitt

For our anniversary I bought Mike this lobster oven mitt. The lobster is a FRIENDS reference used when Rachel and Ross finally get together and Phoebe explains that it was meant to be because Ross is Rachel’s ‘lobster’. The oven mitt is somewhat useful but more for decoration. :)

#6 Old Navy Maxi Dress

I saw this cute maxi dress online at Old Navy and I’m on the fence about whether to get it. I think maxi dresses look really cute on some women but at the risk of being mistaken for pregnant I haven’t bought one yet. But this one has a belt to define the waist so maybe it’s different. What are your thoughts?

#5 Lemon Poppy seed Muffins

While Mike and I were browsing the Farmer’s Market last weekend we passed a local cookie store, Cheryl’s, and they had a sign for Lemon muffins. I thought that sounded awesome so we stopped but it turned out to be more of a lemon tea cake. Since I still had a hankering for lemon muffins I made Brown Eyed Baker’slemon poppy seed muffins this week. I made a glaze for them with 3/4 cup powdered sugar, juice of a lemon and zest and it was delicious!

#4 Creamy Cauliflower Puree

I have a confession to make. I have never tried cauliflower until now. Mike roasted it just like we do for broccoli and it was delicious! It’s so similar to broccoli I don’t know how I’ve never tried it before! So this week I’m going to try Skinnytaste’s creamy cauliflower puree.

#3 Mint Cherry Pedicure

I got the idea for a cherry pedicure with mint nail polish after seeing mint jeans paired with a cherry top. This is how it turned out:

Cherry and Mint Pedi

#2 Iron Man 3

I watched the Iron Man movies after seeing the Avengers when it came out in theaters and I loved them! Iron Man 3 is out in theaters this weekend and I can’t wait to see it! You can check out the movie trailer here.

#1 NHL Playoffs

This week the NHL playoffs started and for some that means our productivity has lessened and we won’t be productive until after the playoffs are over. This is not the case for Philadelphia, the Flyers decided to take a vacation, so the city of Philadelphia should carry on business as usual. ;) Pittsburgh however, is in the playoffs and are playing the Islanders for game #2 tonight! Mike and I are ready to cheer them on with signs saying ‘Malka Mania’, ‘Sid Sational’, and ‘Super Duper’. Evgeni Malkin is one of my favorite players for the pens and Douglas Murray is my new favorite player. He had an impressive fight with a Tampa Bay Lightning player in the regular season. Mike’s favorite player is Brooks Orpik and his new favorite is Branden Morrow. The playoffs also means playoff beards! Mike won’t be growing one this year (so sad) but I’m curious to see everyone else’s playoff beards on and off the ice.

Douglas Murray fights with Tampa Bay
Douglas Murray fights with Tampa Bay
Deryk Engelland and his playoff beard.
Deryk Engelland and his playoff beard.

Have a great weekend everyone and GO PENS!!

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