Isolated Leg Training (ILT) and Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Saturday Mike and I celebrated our 2 year (dating) anniversary with dinner at Rigsby’s. The inside of the restaurant was so cool with brick walls and canvas paintings of Columbus that I had to take a picture.


Mike had the balsamic steak with polenta and I had the spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter. Both were excellent! After dinner we went to Lemongrass to have a cup of coffee with one of our favorite desserts, Almond Cream Cake. This cake is so light and fluffy and it’s the perfect proportion when shared.

Yesterday was a cross training day for my Quarter Marathon training so I decided to ride my bike indoors for 35 minutes. I found an Isolated Leg Training for Indoor Cycling on and decided to try it out! If you have a trainer for your bike this is a good workout to do in the winter and when it’s rainy outside like it was yesterday. You’ll want to clip out of your pedals for the single leg rotations and adjust the resistance as necessary. It was interesting for me to discover that my left leg was much stronger than my right leg because I’m dominate on my right side and I have the IT Band Syndrome on my left side. Who knew? Anyhow, this workout will help you boost your average miles per hour. Here is the workout:

Isolated Leg Training for Indoors
Isolated Leg Training for Indoors



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