Cap City Quarter Marathon- less than 3 weeks!

I can’t believe the Cap City quarter marathon is less than 3 weeks away! Last week I ran 5 miles and this weekend I’m running 6 miles and maybe a little more. Next weekend I’ll run 6.5 miles just to be sure I’m ready for the quarter marathon. I thought by now Mike and I would be in Wisconsin and we would be traveling back to Columbus for the race but that’s not the case and it’s ok with me. We’ve been able to train on our favorite trails and in decent weather. I’m excited and nervous for the race. Excited because Cap City was my first half marathon and now it’s Mike’s first and I know he’ll do great. Nervous because I’ve ran two quarter marathons and had really great times and I want to finish with a comparable time. Unfortunately one of those races was when my IT Band was hurting me and I ran throught the pain (not the brightest idea). Ultimately I just want to finish and finish strong which is most certainly achievable.

I know some people may be nervous about the security of the race after the tragic events in Boston during the Boston marathon on Monday. I am deeply saddened that such a thing happened to our country. As they have said on the news, the person who did this is a coward, and I wholeheartedly agree. The people running the race and the spectators did not deserve to have this happen to them. When I first heard the news I wondered “what does this person have against runners” but then I realized it was done because there were so many people in Boston on Monday and they wanted to make a scene without being seen. I was impressed by the kindness of the people in Boston and the runners of the Boston marathon. Runners continued to run to the nearby hospitals to donate blood to those who needed it. Residents of Boston unlocked their Wifi so families could find their misplaced loved ones and they opened up their homes to those who might need a place to sleep. This shows that good is greater than evil in our country and while it’s unfortunate to have to realize it when evil happens I know that we have good people in our country.

I’ve always had a positive experience during all of my races even when I was in pain during my last quarter marathon. I did the Trek Women’s Triathlon two years ago and the organizer of the race made sure that no woman finished last and assured that she would be the last person to cross the finish line. Throughout the race women would cheer me on and say ‘great job!’ and I would do the same. After half marathons runners would congratulate me on finishing and I always try to do the same. When I’ve been a spectactor for races I would congratulate the runners as well. I know runners are great people but now others can see their awesomeness.

I am confident that my race will be secure and the reason why I am is because the race director cares about all of the runners, he is a runner himself and a triathlete. He also promotes the Columbus marathon every fall and it’s not his race. On May 4 I will only be concerned about doing my best and cheering on all the runners across the finish line including Mike.

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