Chocolate Dutch Baby

Hi there! Holy moly it’s Wednesday already! And boy is it hot! I know I asked for warmer weather but we’re up to the 80’s almost in central Ohio, gotta love that Ohio weather. One day it’s snowing and the next day you’re wearing shorts and flip flops.

This past weekend Mike and I made a new breakfast meal and it’s called a ‘Dutch Baby’. I can’t tell you how many jokes we made about the Dutch Baby we were making for breakfast but it was a lot…and not appropriate for blogging, lol. Anyways the Dutch Baby is basically a giant pancake that you bake in the oven in a cast iron skillet or cake pan. I love recipes where I can use my cast iron skillet, it’s awesome! The Chocolate Dutch Baby smells like a brownie while it’s cooking and Mike and I had a hard time waiting for it to finish baking. If you’d like to try out this recipe I found it on Two Peas and Their Pod blog here.

Here is the final result:

dutch baby

In other news, I had sloppy joes for lunch today and I love sloppy joes. Everytime I eat sloppy joes I think of the Olsen twins in the movie It Takes Two because I’m a sloppy eater to begin with and without fail my joes end up being sloppy on my plate. I enjoy the simple Manwich recipe but maybe in the future I’ll try a homemade sloppy joe version. This is what I picture in my head when eating sloppy joes:


What’s your favorite type of sloppy joe?

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