Friday’s Top Ten, 4.5.13

It’s Friday!!

The worst part about today is I woke up hoping it was Saturday. But Friday is better than Monday through Thursday!

Yesterday the temperature warmed up a little bit and I was able to run outside with less layers than recently. This weekend the high’s are in the 50’s which is what I’ve been wishing for since last week. Spring is coming, don’t back down spring!

Today I have plans to wash and vacuum my car tonight, some nice spring cleaning to be had! I’m not exactly sure what this weekend will entail but I’m excited to crack open the patio door and smell the fresh air and soak up some sunshine!

Here is Friday’s Top Ten:

#10 T Rex Hates Plank T-shirt

t rex hates plank

I saw this shirt on Etsy and I laughed out loud for quite some time. Have you ever seen the trailer for the movie “The Robinsons”? The T Rex tries to capture something but can’t because his arms are too short! The T Rex is by far one of the funniest dinasours due to his little arms and I would totally wear this shirt.

#9 Tiny Style Details You Think People Don’t Notice But Do

This is a great article for young professionals currently in the business world or those who are about to enter the business world. I know sometimes people think coworkers won’t notice if their blouse is a little wrinkly or if their hair isn’t styled in the morning but the truth is people do notice. If you take the little extra time in the morning to pay attention to these details it won’t go unnoticed, I promise. I’m one of those people that makes sure I look my best before walking out the door and heading to work and I’ve received multiple compliments for how nicely I dress. While dressing nicely isn’t the only important thing at your job, obviously you need to do your job and do it well, it does matter.

#8 Corgi Cuteness

Sunglasses corgi

Now this is one cool corgi to hang out with! Where’s the beach, buddy? I want to join you!

#7 Buttery Honey Bear Bread

I made this bread for a potluck this week and it received rave reviews! Mike even said it’s one of his top 3 favorite things I’ve made. This is a repeat recipe for sure!

#6 Charlotte Russe Lace Dress

lace dress

This weekend I tried on some eyelet dresses at Old Navy but the fit just wasn’t right. I love this lace dress from Charlotte Russe because of the cinched waist with the coral. What a great dress for Spring and Summer!

#5 Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies

Betty Crocker has a recipe for mini chicken pot pies that I’ve made before and they were awesome but now I have new mini pie to try and it’s Cheeseburger Pies! I think if I doctor the recipe a little, add some spices and maybe ketchup and mustard, they will be fantastic!

#4 Blue Ombre Staircase

ombre staircase

Lately I’ve seen some ideas for painting staircases with phrases or quotes but I think this staircase is the best painted staircase I’ve seen. Not only is it one of my favorite colors but I love the contrast of the dark stairs with the blue and white walls. I would love to do this!

#3 Joann Fabrics Classes

I found out this week that Joann Fabrics offers classes for cake decorating! I knew some craft stores offered classes for knitting, sewing, or scrapbooking but I didn’t know about cake decorating! For $27 you can attend four 2 hour classes and learn the basics of cake decorating. This is something I’m going to have to check out.

#2 Ombre Nails

ombre nails

Now that Spring has finally started to arrive in Ohio, I am all about spring colors and spring nails. I love these Spring inspired ombre nails!

#1 Vera Bradley Grand Tote

grand tote vera bradley

Mike and I don’t have any current plans for a long trip but when we do get to have our beach vacation I would love to travel with Vera Bradley’s Grand Tote. I have been wanting a great tote bag to take with me on trips and this one is perfect!

Have a great weekend!

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