Strength Training plus HEALTHY cookies

It’s the middle of the week and only one workday left! (for me at least) This week has gone by surprisingly fast even though the days seem to drag by.

This is the third week of my quarter marathon training and Monday’s workout was a strength training session. I did a workout to help my gluteus maximus and I’ve done it a couple times before, not quite consistently, but I think it’s a good one! I found this workout on Iowa Girl Eat’s Friday Favorites.

Since I had to go to physical therapy for my IT band two years ago I am a strong advocate for strength training. It is super important and I believe the lack of it during my second half marathon training is the reason I ended up injured a year later. Strength training helps stengthen your core muscles (your abs) which helps with your alignment and helps prevent knee injuries. When I was injured my hips would hurt and I felt like an old woman and the reason my hips were hurting was because my core wasn’t very strong.

This year I’m making sure to cross train twice a week and strength train twice a week. One of the two days I cross train I do pilates which is all about the core (pilates refers to it as your powerhouse) and one of the days I strength train I lift free weights at the gym and the other day I do something like the gluteus maximus workout. Here’s Monday’s workout:


After Monday’s workout I made these healthy cookies from Skinnytaste. All you do is mash up two ripe bananas and then add oats and walnuts. If you don’t like walnuts you can sub chocolate chips or almonds. Then you bake them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes and voila! I had walnuts so I used them and then took a square of semi sweet baker’s chocolate and melted it and drizzled it on top. For 93 calories a cookie you can’t beat that!

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