Friday’s Top Ten, 3.22.13

Happy Friday!

I ended up getting an extra hour of sleep today, not on purpose, but I guess I needed it! This week my mom was in town for a conference so we went and had dinner twice, at Fish Market and Brio. I told my mom she had to try Fish Market, they have the best seafood, and once you have it nothing comes close. When I was home for my sister in law’s baby shower my mom, Mike, and I went to Red Lobster and the lobster tails just didn’t compare to Fish Market. I’ve been spoiled by Mike. :) Last night I went to Brio and had the caprese classico salad, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil with balsamic, and it was divine! Yesterday afternoon I told Mike I wanted to eat this salad for lunch all next week so when I saw Brio had one I had to get it. Totally worth it! For dinner I had the Filet Brio which was a 5 oz filet with sweet potatoes, red peppers, spinach and asparagus. The filet and sweet potatoes were yummy!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Spring! I think I’m still tired from this whole time change thing and I would love the weather to warm up like 20 degrees, that’s not asking too much is it? I mean it’s been 30 degrees and I’m only asking for 50! I would love to clean out my car, vacuum it, and wash it this weekend but I don’t see the point when there’s the possibility of snow on Sunday!

This time next week I should have a little nephew! Well maybe not little, the doctor says he’s supposed to be a nine pounder! I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months, the time has flown by!

Have a good weekend friends and hopefully Spring finds it way to you!

#10: Delia’s lace baseball sleeve shirt


I love this top! I don’t usually shop at Delia’s but I’m considering buying this shirt and you can get 2 for $25, what a deal!

#9: Make Up Geek

So I’m not the greatest at applying make up, I get by, and I don’t look like a two cent hooker but I think this website will help me become a better make up artist. There are so many tutorials, ones for your specific eye color, ones for the seasons, ones for smoky eye, it’s amazing!

#8: Super Hero Under Armour


So Under Armour has come out with Super Hero shirts and I am deeply saddened that they don’t make them for women! Come on, seriously?! We need to get the ball rolling because I want one!

#7: Biggest Loser Winner, Danni


I watched this season’s Biggest Loser on NBC and the contestant I wanted to win the most was Danni and she did! She was on Jillian’s team, the white team, to start and ended up being the sole survivor. Two or three contestants on Jillian’s teams quit within the first couple weeks so I was really rooting for her during the team challenges since she was the underdog. I couldn’t believe how much she lost and the difference but she looks fantastic!

#6: (Non) Corgi Cuteness


I have a confession. I adore puppies and dogs that are not corgis. Shocking, I know! But I love retrievers as well and Mike and I want a yellow lab to go with the corgi I dream of having. So this week’s top ten has the pleasure of seeing this puppy taking a bath!

#5: Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests

I have found the special treat I want to make this Easter: Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests! These look adorable and easy to make, I can’t wait to bake them next week!

#4: New Shoes!


I have been pining for a pair of black patent wedges for awhile and the pair I found at Aldo went on sale this week! It’s fate! I love Aldo shoes because they last for a long time so I don’t mind spending more money than usual on one of their shoes. I ordered this pair and they should deliver today! I’m so excited!

#3: PVC Pipe Wine Rack

I found a cheap ($20) DIY PVC Pipe Wine Rack that looks awesome!

#2: Just Hatched Onesie


In honor of my soon to be nephew, how adorable is this onesie?! I love it!

#1: Ikea Hack


This is a picture of an Ikea Hack but that’s not what I love about this picture. I want this room, the space looks amazing with the large windows! It’s so pretty with the green trees outside and natural sunlight! Oh my god, I want to live there!

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