St. Paddy’s Day Celebration

Here we are back to Monday again. I saw a funny cartoon this weekend and it said ‘even the calendar spells W-T-F after Tuesday’ which couldn’t be more true! But alas I’m back at work on this rainy, drizzly Monday. It was a less than beautiful morning to wake up to because we had some rain/snow mix in the evening which left some ice on my car and now it’s going to rain all day. Yuck, can spring start already?

This weekend Mike and I went to the Pub at Polaris to celebrate St. Paddy’s day a day early. It was less busy than last year and I think it helped that the Pub was celebrating the Irish heritage both days. We enjoyed some wonderful beer, I had Yuengling and Mike had Guinness (of course).



While enjoying our beer we had the pleasure of listening to Cap City’s bagpipe band, a fiddle group, and irish dancers. We were front and center for the entertainment too! It was so awesome!


Sunday we enjoyed mustard themed meals for lunch and dinner. For lunch we had ham and cheese pretzel bun sandwiches with brown mustard and pickles which we found on Iowa Girl’s page. We cooked them in the oven and they were delicious, the pretzel buns made them absolutely fabulous!

For dinner we had Michael Symon’s Bacon Roasted Pork I mentioned in Friday’s Top Ten. The pork had a mustard sauce all over it and then we wrapped it in bacon and cooked it in the cast iron skillet on the stove and then finished it in the oven. We opted not to do the fruit along with the pork and instead had potatoes and asparagus with it. This was so easy to make and we will definitely make it again! We were so hungry when it was done that picture opportunities were missed.

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