Quarter Marathon Training

Today was day two of my quarter marathon training! I ran outside after work for 2.5 miles in just under 30 minutes at one of my favorite parks, Highbanks. Highbanks metro park has sentimental value for me because it’s the first metro park I came across when I moved out here 3 years ago. Two out of the three years I’ve lived in Columbus (going on 4) I have lived less than ten miles away from the park. When I moved out here I was excited to discover the metro parks the city has created. They have multiple trails that provide great scenery for your excursion whether it’s running, walking, hiking, biking or taking your dog out. Highbanks has a multi-purpose trail that is just under a mile and a more recent 2.5 mile trail. The new 2.5 mile trail is my favorite because it has hills which remind me of back home.

I have actually never owned a gym membership here in Columbus, a couple places where I’ve lived have gyms and I utilize them but I prefer running outside. One of the reasons is because about 99% of the races I do are on the road and doing my entire training on the treadmill isn’t going to help much. I didn’t start running outside in the cold until I moved to Columbus. Since I haven’t purchased a gym membership I decided in order to stay in shape all year I would have to prepare for the harsh winter elements. With the encouragement of my sister in law, I went and bought some cold weather running gear and tried running in temperatures colder than 60 degrees. Granted, I used to love running in warm weather, like loved 80 degree runs so I thought this idea was crazy.

Now, after running outside in all temps (except below 28 degrees) I prefer the cold over 80 degrees any day. It’s so much easier to breathe in, despite what people think, and sometimes I even enjoy snow. I’m not a big snow person even though I grew up outside of Pittsburgh but there are moments when I’m running in snow and I love it. I think I either have runner’s high at that moment or my mind has gone numb from the cold. ;)

So here’s to an injury free training and a wonderful quarter marathon in the Capital City!

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