Friday’s Top Ten 3.8.13

Happy Friday all!

I started to get some cold/sinus thing Wednesday night and I’m still fighting it so keep your fingers crossed it goes away in time for me to enjoy the weekend! I guess my blood sugar was low too because I had this weird flash bulb light thing in my right eye along with a headache and nausea. But once I went home and took a nap in darkness I began to feel better, just a little stuffy and sneezy.

But in other news, I switched banks and will now bank with PNC! I am so excited about this and while you may not understand let me tell you why it’s so awesome. First I didn’t have to go to the bank to open an account. I read and watched the videos for the Virtual Wallet bank account which has two savings accounts and one checking and once I was ready to sign up I did everything online! Second the virtual wallet has a budget feature where it will show you categories of where you’re spending your money each month plus a calendar that shows how much money you spent per day. And finally they have branches for PNC in Ohio, PA, and Wisconsin; perfecto!

I’m super excited to go see Oz The Great and Powerful this weekend and hopefully have a morning run with Mike tomorrow and a yummy breakfast after. Then we’ll hit up the local farmer’s market as long as I don’t feel like utter crap tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be nice with high’s in the 50’s so I don’t want to spend it inside in bed, that’s for sure!

Here’s to no more snow and a fabulous weekend! I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of the Top Ten. :)

#10: MUSE!


Mike and I saw MUSE Tuesday night and they were amazing! I would see commercials every morning until the show saying they were one of the best live bands and I have to agree! They improvised between songs and just had great energy and sound throughout the whole show! I would definitely see them again.

#9: Women and Shoes

My mom sent me this article this week which I found interesting. It discusses how many pairs of shoes a woman owns and how many she wears on average. On average a woman owns 19 pairs of shoes and only wears 7. The study also found that one in 20 women owns more than 50 pairs of heels. Now my mom and I are NOT the average women. My mom owns about 70 pairs and I might be halfway at 35 pairs, I’ve never counted. And I can name 11 pairs of shoes that I wear on a regular basis this season.

#8: Memory Jar

I heard of this idea for a memory jar on pinterest and other blogs and Mike and I created our own memory jar last weekend. What you do is write down your favorite memory from each month and put it in the jar and then read it on New Year’s Eve. It’s a nice way to recap the year because I don’t ever remember the month of January come July let alone December. :)

#7: Chocolate Covered Bacon!


I saw this recipe for Chocolate Covered Bacon and it sounds awesome! Who wouldn’t love this? I’m going to have to try it soon, I know Mike will love it and want it ASAP.

#6: Corgi Cuteness!


Here is Otis and his adorable corgi butt! I’m obsessed with corgi butts for some reason and if you think I’m weird, you’re right! But it’s shaped like a heart. <3

#5: Challah French Toast


Last weekend I made this recipe for Challah French Toast and apple compote. If you’ve never had Challah bread it’s a sweet, egg based bread and the one I bought was 100% kosher. Yay kosher! Mike and I have had cinnamon swirl challah french toast at a local restaurant, Tassi, in Short North and it’s so good! This recipe is close but Tassi’s is still the best.

#4: Kettlebell Workout


I’ve never used a kettlebell for workouts but would like to and here’s a great exercise for beginners.

#3: Cheeseburger Casserole

Mike and I are going to make this casserole Sunday night and we’re super excited to try it! It looks delicious. I’ve made a chicken broccoli noodle casserole from Skinnytaste and Mike and I love it so I think this dish will be just as good.

#2: Crochet One Piece Swimsuit


The temps will be in the 50’s this weekend which hopefully means spring is on it’s way and then that means summer! What a cute one piece this is with a crochet design on the stomach.

#1: Farewell to What Not to Wear

I heard yesterday that What Not to Wear will go off the air after ten seasons. I love What Not to Wear and will be sad to see it go but at least I can still watch Clinton Kelly on The Chew. If you haven’t seen The Chew I would recommend recording it and checking it out. Clinton and Stacy have basically decided it’s time to the end the show but it wasn’t canceled due to poor ratings. I think they’ve had an excellent nine seasons and I always try to live by Clinton’s rule that “if you don’t love it, don’t buy it”.

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