DIY: My New Blue Chair

Hi all!

This past week I painted my ugly green kitchen chair to a beautiful blue cozumel! Now that I am all moved out of my apartment and all moved into Mike’s, I had to sadly repaint my walls back to their original colors. Upon moving into the apartment Mike and I had painted an accent wall in my bedroom, the cozumel color, and an accent wall in the living room, a deep purple. So when it was time to leave Mike had a genius idea of keeping one of my kitchen chairs and painting over it with the leftover cozumel paint.

Here is a picture of my bedroom wall with me in a matching shirt (Concidence? No, this is most certainly one of my favorite colors):

Rachel blue wall

Here is a crappy picture (sorry) of my crappy kitchen chair before:


I sanded it with medium sandpaper and then applied two coats of paint. I painted the chair the night before we rented the moving truck for my bed, dresser, etc. and so I thought the two coats was good enough. When we went to load the chair on the truck I realized after seeing it in daylight that I needed another coat because the first two certainly didn’t cover. So Monday I painted a third coat and here are the finished results:


Now when we make the move to Wisconsin I can use it as my desk chair or a comfy spot for all my stuffed animals. Yes, I’m a grown adult, and yes, I have more than one stuffed animal. :)

blue chair


Above is he final product with a matching seat cushion perfect to fit my teddy bear!

6 thoughts on “DIY: My New Blue Chair

  1. Cute! I’m on the hunt for a simple kitchen chair to revamp exactly like this! If I’m reading correctly, you used wall paint? What kind of brush did you use? I always get streaks when I use a brush. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I used a shur line 1 1/2″ brush that I purchased at my local Lowe’s store. The paint I used was Valspar, when I originally purchased the paint they didn’t give me an option for paint brand, they mixed up the color in the Valspar line. I’m sure any house paint would work. I read on that rollers can lead to bubbles while brushes don’t so I opted to use the brush but like I said in the post I needed a good 3 coats instead of 2 like I thought. The final touch is to put a clear finish and I will use the Minwax water based polycrylic protective finish to seal it. I hope this helps!

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