This Weekend’s Fashion Find

Happy Wednesday! Today will be a long day for me because I took a half day the past two days so I actually have to work for 8 whole hours! But we’re halfway through the week and I am so ready for this weekend. I had a great weekend with my best friend Allison which included shopping, wine, a Pens win, and lots of great food! I took her to the Wine Bistro, a local restaurant, and we sipped wine and enjoyed some delicious tomato soup and flatbreads. And of course we took home some wine! Here is me and Allison at the Wine Bistro with our new scarves from our shopping trip!


While out on our shopping trip I found a great substitute for my Fossil necklace seen in this post of Friday’s Top Ten. I found my necklace at Charming Charlie’s for $20 and the one from Fossil is $78. I think the one I found is close to the Fossil one, not exact, but similar concept and for a quarter of the price you can’t beat that!

Here’s the Fossil necklace again:


And my new necklace:



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