Friday’s Top Ten 2.15.13

Yay for Friday! I am officially done working at Panera and to celebrate I am going to bed at 9:30 pm every night next week. Man I miss sleep. I love sleeping for at least 8 hours and if I don’t, look out! Grumpy Rachel to the max and you don’t want to combine that with hungry Rachel, ask Mike, he’s experienced both.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day all! Valentine’s day is not my favorite holiday because I don’t like the way it’s singled out to be one of the only times you should cherish your loved one. Mike and I do nice, loving things for each other all year and I think that’s very important for every relationship. Giving each other cards at random times is my favorite because I LOVE cards. Mike’s valentine’s day card said “I love you a hole punch” and had a hole puncher on the front. Lol, that’s my kind of card and humor.

Some of my coworkers hate valentine’s day and specifically don’t celebrate it with their significant others. That’s cool as long as they still show each other love throughout the year and some seem to have forgotten that. It’s merely an observation and my opinion but it’s something I will strive to not let happen in my own relationship.

This weekend will be an awesome one because my best friend, Allison is coming to visit! I hope you all have an awesome weekend too!

#10: Cannoli stuffed French toast

So here’s the deal: I don’t like eggs. Never have, spit them out as a baby and still don’t. But I LOVE french toast. It is by far my favorite breakfast food especially since my breakfasts are limited to carbohydrates. It’s weird, I know, and I like everything that has eggs baked in it just not something that’s primarily egg-tasting. So Mike tolerates eating pancakes or french toast on the weekends and I’m always looking for new french toast/pancake variations. Here’s the latest one and it sounds delicious: cannoli stuffed french toast!

#9: Young House Love blog

I came across the Young House Love blog on and I love this blog! I’ve recently started watching Rehab Addict on DIY network, which Mike and I love, and reading this blog is like watching Rehab Addict in a way. (It makes sense to me) Anyways there are so many things on this site I want to do when Mike and I move into a new apartment or house.

#8: Old Navy Polka dot sweater


Mike and I stopped at Old Navy this past weekend so I could look at a shirt I saw online and instead we found this sweater. Mike was so sweet and bought it for me and I love it!

#7: Corgi cuteness!


I wish I was on that beach with that corgi right now! Beautiful!

#6: Flowers


One thing I do like about Valentine’s day is it’s a good opportunity to receive flowers. I love flowers and I also enjoy receiving them at random times, which Mike does a great job with that too. These are the flowers I received yesterday.

#5: Teal, Black and White end table


I love this end table. Teal is one of my favorite colors and I can’t wait until Mike and I move to Wisconsin so I can paint my hand-me-down furniture.

#4: OPI Skyfall nail polish


I received this mini skyfall nail polish set in my Christmas stocking and I love these colors. I painted my toenails the red and I can’t wait to paint my fingernails red too. I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails when I worked at Panera in case the paint chipped in the food or something but now I can paint them every day if I want!

#3: PB&J with a twist


Peanut Butter and Jelly is such a classic sandwich and it’s a great one to have over and over again. But I found this really cool idea for different PB&J’s and I’m always looking for new lunch ideas. Granted some don’t have peanut butter but I like the idea behind it! The ones I want to try are blueberry cream cheese and strawberries and apple butter with apple slices but I would use peanut butter instead of apple butter.

#2: Nike half zip


I went in search of new running tights last weekend and after trying some on and not finding ones I liked, I decided to stick with my current pair which work very well. So instead I bought this Nike half zip pullover. It was on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods and is very warm. I wore it when Mike and I ran on Saturday and my upper body didn’t feel cold at all. I love it and as the picture shows the armpits are outlined for some reason, lol. There’s no ventilation but it makes my armpit look sexy. ;)

#1: Best Friends!


As I mentioned earlier, my best friend Allison (middle) is coming to town this weekend, and we’ve been friends since Freshman year in high school. I love how we can just pick up where we left off anytime we get together. I just wish we lived closer together!

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