Valentine’s Day Things

I hope you had an awesome weekend! I’m happy it’s Monday only because Sunday is now behind me. Yesterday was such a long day after working 5:30 am until 2 pm I don’t know how I survived but only one more day at Panera! :)

So this Thursday is Valentine’s Day and Mike has to work and he works second shift which means 3 pm – 11 pm. :( But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate on the weekend or just celebrate our love all the time (as we should)! Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday but it is more tolerable and fun when you have a boyfriend.

I’ve made a list (big surprise) of my ten favorite valentine ideas whether it’s food, activity, decoration or gift. Enjoy!

#10: Dove dark chocolate peanut butter cookies

Have you ever had the peanut butter blossom cookies with the hershey kiss in the middle? Well this is pretty much the same thing but using dove dark chocolate instead of a milk chocolate kiss. Genius! I’m so making these this week.

#9: Kiss in a Pocket Book

I made this flip book for Mike at Christmas time and he loved it! Don’t bother with the coupon books you see everywhere, make this instead! It was fun and easy to make!

#8: Beer Soap for him

Mike actually told me about this beer soap on Etsy and I thought it was a really cool gift for the man in your life. :)

#7: Zip tie garland


I found this DIY garland on Martha Stewart’s website and think it’s a cute, cheap, and easy decoration to make for Valentine’s day!

#6: Candy Bouquet


Here is another cute gift idea for your significant other, guy or girl, make your own candy bouquet with their favorite candy! This is way better than those candy hearts filled with chocolate they sell because those only have one or two good chocolate pieces.

#5: Couples Cafe Menu

Here is a fun, flirty, dinner menu for Valentine’s Day.

#4: Corgi Valentine

I have to have a corgi in the list! You can purchase these corgi valentines on Etsy.

#3: Heart Bamboo


I’m a big fan of bamboo and I love this bamboo heart for Valentine’s day!

#2: Chocolate filled strawberries

I found this idea on pinterest, instead of chocolate covered strawberries, take an egg crate and place the hollowed out strawberries inside and then fill with melted chocolate. So easy and delicious!

#1: Heart shaped chocolate banana pancakes

These pancakes look like a delicious breakfast to wake up to on Valentine’s day!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s day whether it’s with your significant other or having an anti-valentine’s day party with your girlfriends!

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