Friday’s Top Ten, Week #3!

Thank God It’s Friday! I’m so happy it’s finally Friday! I can’t wait to sleep in this weekend AND I have a 3 day weekend! Mike and I are going to see one of our favorite bands Sunday night: Company of Thieves and I am so excited! It’s a special acoustic show and it’s at our favorite venue the Newport Music Hall near OSU’s campus. The Newport is old and kind of falling apart but that’s what we love about it, the history and the charm. I took Monday off work so we can stay late and hopefully get the lead singer, Genevieve’s, autograph! Last year we saw her at Starbucks and I had my picture taken with her! Eeek! :)

It’s snowing outside! The snow will continue to fall until it’s time to leave work today which will make the commute home fun. :( I wish I was home with Mike in my pajamas sipping hot cocoa and watching episodes of Chopped and Say Yes to the Dress with nowhere to go all day.

Here’s this week’s top ten, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

#10: You Are the…


With Valentine’s Day coming up I saw this cute poem for your significant other. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is totally a greeting card holiday but I think this is cute any time of the year! You are the jelly to my peanut butter is one of my favorites.

#9: Superman/Comic Book Nursery:


I saw this cute nursery on pinterest and I absolutely love it! Someone even painted the characters on the canvases, now that’s skill! I love comic book movies such as Ironman, The Avengers, and Batman and if I have a little boy I want this to be his nursery!  I say that now realizing it could change by the time I get married and have kids, haha.

#8: Zebra Pedicure


I apologize if you’re grossed out by the sight of feet but I had to share the awesome pedicure I had last week. The girl who cuts my hair and does my pedis is a pro at nail art! I love the zebra she did and while I can’t show it off in a pair of peep toe pumps I still get to see it everyday! :)

#7: Nude Wedges


My obession for shoes and mint green jeans is still going strong and this weekend I will travel to DSW in search of this pair of wedges. I have a pair of nude peep toe pumps already but I can’t wear them in winter and these shoes would go with everything! And I mean everything, ESPECIALLY mint skinny jeans!

#6: No Bake Mocchacino Cookies


I love thumbprint cookies. We have them at Giant Eagle and they are made fresh every morning in the bakery but my strong will power prevents me from buying them (yeah right). I love the cookie part mixed with the chocolatey inside and sprinkles on the edges. These remind me of thumbprint cookies only easier to make and I would love to try them soon. I am only leary about the marshmallow fluff and would maybe like to find a substite for it but nonetheless I still want to try them!

#5: Jasper Islington, The Fluffy Corgi


Meet Jasper Islington, a very fluffy and cute corgi! He has his own website to illustrate his many facial expressions, attempts to steal fruit, and paper destructions. I love following this corgi online and am so excited to see his new post everyday!

#4: Ikea Hack Dresser


Everything Etsy had a post of 25 Ikea Hacks- DIY Home Decor and this dresser was one of them. I love the gold and white together and the design. It looks super easy and such an improvement from the original dresser.

#3: My chili recipe


I love this recipe so much and I’m super excited for lunch today because it’s leftover chili and cornbread!!! If you haven’t looked at the recipe please do check it out, it’s yummy!

#2: Applewood Bacon Wings


If I cared about the Superbowl this year and was hosting a party I would totally make these wings. They look delicious and I wish I had a bowl of them right now.

#1: Company of Thieves, Genevieve!


Genevieve from Company of Thieves is so awesome, I love her and her music! When we saw her at Starbucks she asked us where she could find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Mike and I were like um…. We felt so bad we couldn’t just make one for her or have one in my purse!

Have a great snowy weekend everyone!

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