Friday’s Top Ten

Here is week 2 in the installment of Friday’s Top Ten!! I’m on track to do this on a weekly basis because I’ve now done it two weeks in a row! I think this week was THE longest week EVER!! Maybe it’s because I’m only working a half day on Friday, woo, but I’m so glad Friday is finally here! I’m going back to the ‘burgh for my sister in law’s baby shower and looking forward to the road trip with my lobster (boyfriend). The lobster reference is from FRIENDS when Phoebe explains that Ross is Rachel’s lobster. If you haven’t seen it, look it up!

And now what you’ve all be waiting for…the top ten!


#10: A Corgidor!


I love corgis and labs and here is a corgi-lab mix! He is so cute!!!  I want a corgi and a lab when Mike and I live together, one before the other, but maybe we’ll just get a corgidor instead! ;)

#9: Fluffly Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I am obsessed with trying to achieve fluffy chocolate chip cookies instead of the flat, crunchy ones I achieve when using the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. I wondered if it was my butter or bad baking soda but my friend confirmed she gets flat cookies when she uses the Nestle Toll House recipe too. Fortunately she found these fluffy cookies on pinterest which I plan to try, the secret is cornstarch, hopefully it works! I would try them this weekend but it would be hard to make them on the road. ;) Maybe I’ll make them next week!

#8: Mint Jeans!


I LOVE the mint color for spring! I know everyone will wear it because it’s all the rage but I love, love, love these jeans!! I must buy a pair, hopefully H & M has them and at a decent price. If only spring would get here!

#7: Pens Hockey!


I am SO happy the NHL lockout is over! It will be a short season but I’m a football and hockey girl and now that the Steelers are out of the playoffs it’s time to root for the Pens! I was really pissed that the lockout carried through the All Star game because it was supposed to be in Columbus and Mike and I planned to go! Now that we’re moving to Wisconsin and the All Star game will go to the next city in line who knows when we’ll get to go. I hope it’s in Chicago next year! It doesn’t look like we’ll get to see the Pens in Columbus or Pittsburgh this year but at least I can watch them on TV! I mean who watches basketball anyways? ;)

#6: Hines Ward on Rachel vs. Guy Food Challenge.


I love Hines Ward. I mean how can you not? He’s a wonderful, handsome, retired Steelers receiver, lol. Mike asked me if Hines Ward came up and asked me to marry him would I say yes and I was like hell yeah. Now you know where we stand. We recorded Rachel vs. Guy Food Challenge, the first episode, and have yet to watch it but Hines is still on the show! And you can vote for him to stay so this could be a repeat of Dancing with the Stars, haha. My mom told me she voted for him TEN times on the Food Network website. Time to check out the show.

#5: Cute Steelers Baby.


Can you tell I’m a Steelers fan? I saw this adorable baby pic on Etsy and I had to send it to my sister in law for when my nephew is born. My whole family would love a picture of little Jacob like this! And when I have kids I am so doing it, I already have a blanket just like that one! Maybe by the time I have kids I’ll be able to crochet the football hat. :)

#4: Anti Theft Lunch Bags.


These lunch bags look so gross and that’s the point! The anti theft lunch bags are designed to deter your coworkers from stealing your lunch, haha! I can’t believe someone made these but I think it’s a cool idea. I could never use them because they look so gross, lol.

#3: He’s Her Lobster t shirt.


If you didn’t look up the FRIENDS episode when Phoebe explains how Ross is Rachel’s lobster do it NOW! Seriously, go to Wikipedia and search for it. I think I need this shirt, lol. It was on sale during Black Friday or Christmas for like half off and I should have bought it.

#2: Shoedazzle Floresville purse.


Mike said to me the other day that I haven’t had the desire to buy a new purse in a while. I’ve been obsessing over shoes and especially boots lately since it is boot season. But I’m a shoedazzle member and I came across this cute purse and I want it! I like the white color the best but since I’m not the most graceful person I’m paranoid I’ll spill coffee on it or something. It’s on sale too! We’ll see what happens in the next couple weeks… :)

#1: Pajama Warming Pouch:


A pajama warming pouch– what an excellent idea! I hate putting on cold pajamas at night and then getting into a cold bed so this the perfect solution! Usually I have Mike roll around in the bed to warm it up first and put my pajamas under the blankets, lol. The funny thing is I love having the temperature at 65 degrees at night and a fan blowing on me. Don’t try to make sense of it all, you’ll just make your head hurt. ;) But I think we need this for the cold nights in Wisconsin!


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Top Ten

  1. I’ve tried those fluffy chocolate chip cookies before and they are now our go-to recipe!! The cookies are unbelievably delicious, but if it is the cookie dough you are after stick with the Tollhouse recipe! :) Thanks for including my mint jeans picture! These were such a great find at Forever 21! JCrew Factory has a super cute pair on sale here: and a cord version here:

    Would love to see how you style your mint jeans when you find a perfect pair! Thanks again for including my post! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know where you found the jeans! I will definitely check out Forever 21 and J Crew. :) I’m so glad you’ve tried the cookie recipe too, I’m super excited to try them.

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