The Best of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! Before I begin thinking of my goals for 2013 I would like to reflect on the best of 2012. 2012 was truly a great year for me, one of the reasons being Mike and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in April. I love him so much and am so happy to have found him! Now I hope for 2013 to be an even better year and I don’t think it will dissapoint me (I hope ;)). Here are my favorite times of 2012:

We went to so many concerts last year and it’s one of our favorite things to do together! Some of my favorites were: The Black Keys, Company of Thieves, ZZ Ward, Dave Matthews Band (it was Mike’s first time), Silversun Pickups, and Fitz and the Tantrums.

My brother married the love of his life Cristina in May and then in September my mother married her wonderful fiance, Paul. I am so happy for both my mom and brother because I know they are so happy with their spouses. I am especially happy for my mom because she found a guy who truly loves her and makes her happy everyday.

This year Mike and I traveled back to his hometown in Nebraska. This was a real treat for me since I’m from the East Coast and lived in the same town and house growing up and have never traveled that far West. It was great to see his parents and the town where he grew up. While we were there we went to Mount Rushmore and it was awesome (longest drive ever!)! I got to meet his best friend and her husband while we were in Colorado before they moved to Philadelphia.

Also we went to Vegas for a weekend with my best friend. I have never been to Vegas before and when I told Mike I wanted to go sometime he said ‘let’s go this year’ and I said ok! So my best friend ran the Rock and Roll half marathon and we went to casinos, clubs, shopping, restaurants and had a great time!

I completed another half marathon this year. It was my worst half after overcoming my IT band syndrome but I was fitted for new shoes and insoles that have helped my running drastically and will put me back on track for my next half marathon. Mike and I also did a bunch of races together and my favorite was the Flying Feather Four Miler on Thanksgiving. We received gloves, hat, long sleeved technical tee, a medal, and a bottle of wine with our registration! Afterwards we cooked an awesome non traditional dinner and took a nap! :)

I always enjoy the holidays because I get to see my family but I really enjoyed Christmas this year with Mike’s parents. They drove 20 hours from Nebraska to see us and Mike and I didn’t have to work at all while they were in town. We cooked dinner on a japanese wok (very healthy) Christmas Eve and enjoyed ham and potatoes on Christmas day. Mike and I even made ham and potato soup with the leftover ham, it was delicious!

This Christmas Mike received an awesome present- he was offered an environmental engineer position with our company in Wisconsin! So that means sometime this spring the two of us will make the journey to Wisconsin together. It’s definitely a Happy New Year for us. :)

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