Vote 2012

Now that the election is over and the 3,000 ads per day in Ohio have stopped the bashing of democrat voters has begun on facebook. Granted I expected some words to be said after the election, happy words for those who are celebrating the next four years of Obama’s presidency and negative words for those who did not vote for the president. What I find terribly wrong is those using hateful words towards those who did vote for Obama and these are the reasons why I find it wrong.

First we are entitled to our own vote, when we turn the age of 18 we are encouraged to get out there and vote and make a difference. Everyone’s vote truly matters and how can one be upset that someone exercised their right? I applaud it.

Secondly we are entitled to our own opinions and others should respect it. If you don’t respect it don’t be friends with that person or don’t discuss politics, it’s kind of suggested not to go down that road anyways…

Thirdly I had one person say that Ohio should be ‘ashamed’ because the popular vote went to Obama thus giving him the states electoral votes. No one should be ashamed for their vote, if you think so, see my first and second points.

I know this election was really publicized on facebook with campaign ads and people posting their political views but I prefer not to see my friends’ views on facebook. I’m friends with you because that does not matter in our friendship, if we agree on the same candidate, fine by me but I won’t break up with you over it. As long as you can back up why you voted for Obama or Romney I am happy with you voting, that’s all we can ask of each other, we can ask each other to come to ‘our side’. If you complain about the results of the election and didn’t vote well I can’t say I’m happy with that because in my mind you don’t have the right to complain. That’s just my opinion, take it or leave it. I hope everyone who’s bitter about the results realizes they still have a great freedom living in America and they just need to take it day by day and see what happens.


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