Sunburst Mirror- New DIY Project

It’s been awhile but I’m back with another DIY project! I have been waiting to do this project for a LONG time. I’ve always wanted the sunburst mirrors sold at Target but they are about $40!

So I consulted my bible, Pinterest, for a cheaper idea. My mom gave me a whole pack of wooden skewers for whatever reason, giving me more skewers than I knew what to do with them. Then I had the idea to use them in my mirror, some have used paint stirrers but I like the skewers better.

I went to Michael’s with (2) 50% off a regular priced item coupons and bought the metallic spray paint and mirror and then I was all set. I had a foam circle that I planned to stick the skewers in and glue the mirror too. The total amount spent on this project was less than $10- about $3.5 for the paint and $2.5 for the mirror, give or take.

Here is the end result:

Sunburst Mirror
Sunburst Mirror

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