DIY: Winter Wreath

It seems my blog has switched towards DIY crafts while I have IT band syndrome. I have been going to physical therapy and can’t run as much because of the IT band. I have to do strength training and have only been running one mile at a time so I have more time for crafts!

I went to Michael’s yesterday for a couple of things and came across close out ribbon- 3 yard spools for a $1! I had my inspiration for my next wreath- a sparkly blue ribbon and blue, light blue, and white bells. The bells were actually in a $1 bin but I decided if they weren’t a dollar I would still buy them. I received a package a couple weeks ago and it had a foam circle cut in half used for packing material. I taped it back together and hung onto it for my next wreath.

So first I covered the circle with 3 of the 4 spools of ribbon.

I used ornament hooks to attach the bells. My boyfriend actually gave me this idea. I unfolded the hooks and then folded them in half. I threaded the bell on the hook and stuck it in the foam. You could probably use paperclips as well.

This is where my OCD came into play. I bundled the three colors together and place them like the hands of a clock: one at 12, another at 3, 6 and 9. Then I filled in the gaps.

I used the fourth spool of ribbon to add a bow and to hang the wreath. The finished wreath:

Jingle Wreath

My total cost for my second DIY project:

Closeout ribbon at $1 x 4: $4
Jingle bells: $2.99
Ornament hooks: $1
Foam circle: free
Total: $7.99

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