DIY: Spray Painted Branches

I decided to do my first Do-It-Yourself project. I got the idea from a post on Pinterest because I had a vase my mom gave me but nothing to fill it!

I went to Michael’s and bought a bundle of branches (brown and black), my spray paint base coat and glitter spray paint.

First I spray painted the bundle white. I decided to leave them bundled because the white was only meant to be a primer for the glitter, I just wanted to lightly coat them.

Then I separated them and did a few touch ups on the black branches.

Next I spray painted the branches with the glitter paint. The glitter paint was very different from solid color spray paint. I had to shake it a lot more and if I did apply the right amount of pressure it didn’t look good. Also, it didn’t cover as much as the white. I bought a small bottle of white and a mid size bottle of glitter and used all the glitter before I sprayed half the branches! I ended up buying another bottle and went through that bottle too!

This is the finished project:

The total cost was:

Krylon white satin spray paint: $2.99
Krylon blue glitter spray paint: $7.99 x 2
Bundle of branches: $7.79 (originally $12.99 but I had a 40% off coupon)
Vase: free
Total: $26.76

A little expensive for my first DIY but they look great in my apartment against my eggplant wall! :)

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