Animal Intelligence

To this day dogs still surprise me with their intelligence. I will be moving at the end of this month and the dog I live with is fully aware of this. When I moved my t.v. and took apart my entertainment center CJ just looked at me with sad eyes. I tried to cheer her up, tease her with a w-a-l-k even, but it didn’t work.

When I came home yesterday she was all happy and energetic. She jumped around and brought me her toys to play fetch with as if to say ‘Look I’m full of energy and I’m fun to play with, don’t leave me.’ Then when I went to leave for the evening she was like ‘Where are you going? Are you coming back?’ I promised her I would return but she still looked sad.

I keep giving her hugs and kisses and telling her I love her but I think leaving her will be the saddest part of my move. It’s like her parents just got divorced and I’m the one who has to leave only I don’t get visitation rights. Dogs are just aware of their environment and mimic people’s emotions and sense when things are wrong. It’s amazing. If I’m sad CJ will sit beside me and nudge me to pet her because it will make me feel better. If people are happy she thrives from it and when someone’s leaving she’s sad. Some take animal intelligence for granted but I continue to be amazed by it. I mean just look at her and those sad eyes!


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