2010 Year In Review

Yahoo has a ‘2010 Year In Review’ so I’ve decided to write my own review.

January- I started running outside in 30 degree temperatures, a first for me and I’ve continued to run in the cold. I thought I would hate it but Cristina was right, I like it a lot more than running in 80 degree heat. Also, I met all of the outside sales reps I work with.

April- I joined a sand volleyball team with some coworkers; I’ve never played volleyball before but after 4 seasons, I’ve become a better player.

May- I ran my first half marathon and I did it in 2 and a half hours.

June- I traveled to Orlando, FL for work to attend training and met some of my distributors.

July- I saw Dave Matthews Band in concert before he took a year off. One of my favorite concerts by far and Dave was AMAZING live! I also completed a sprint triathlon at the end of the month.

August- This was the last month of my work golf league. I never thought I would like golf but I truly enjoyed it and got to know my coworkers better. My favorite was golfing with the old men who swore, smoke cigars, and drank beer on the course. I liked it so much I volunteered to be secretary of the league next year.

September- I celebrated Oktoberfest with my college roommates Rachel and Katelyn; and Marti. I called the cops on my jerk of a neighbor because my landlord wouldn’t do anything, it felt so good to do that.

October- I ran the Columbus half marathon and finished in 2 hours and 7 minutes. I moved out of my apartment and into a condo with a roommate and her yellow lab.

November- I had an awesome week long birthday celebration. I bought a car after totaling Toby the Taurus on my birthday.

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