Nationwide Half Marathon

This post is long overdue but I did it!!! I ran the Nationwide Half Marathon and finished in 2:07:15. My goal was 2 hours but I can live with my time. I shaved off 23 minutes from my time in May and that’s a big accomplishment. I trained really hard for 12-13 weeks and I’m proud of myself.

I stayed at Jeff and Marti’s the night before to ensure I had a good night’s sleep and parked at Dawn’s house since she lives downtown. When I arrived at Dawn’s house it was an hour before the race and I wanted to be at the start line at that point. So I did my warm up jog for ten minutes on the way to the start line. There was a band at the start line and they had fireworks to start the race (awesome!). I was grouped in Corral 3 (of 4) and the 4:15 marathon pace team was in Corral 2. I had to make sure I ran a good first mile, not too slow, so I could keep the right pace throughout the race.

There were bands along the way, every mile or so, which was awesome. I kept a good pace throughout the race, about 9:43 or so. I walked for about 30 seconds after I ran for 14 minutes, the first time I started walking one guy was like ‘keep going, you’re doing great’, I said 30 seconds, that’s all I need! I finished the first half in under an hour which was on track for my goal but I had a feeling the second half would be questionable. The last mile or two my right knee started hurting but I ran through the pain. When I realized I would be over my goal time I kept going. I raised my arms when I crossed the finish line hoping for a good race photo but that didn’t happen. No one takes good race photos fyi.

After I crossed the finish line I received my medal and ate a well deserved Krispy Kreme donut. I called Dawn and gave her a big, sweat filled hug when I saw her. We went back to her place and I showered for the Steelers-Browns game and then met up with Marti for some post race grub and a dirty rivalry.

Marti and Me
Marti and Me

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