It’s Here!! Nationwide Half Marathon!!

I am SO pumped for tomorrow! 12 weeks of training and it’s here: Nationwide Half Marathon! I was kind of worried last week because I was sick the week before. I didn’t run for an entire week and I was so sick it didn’t bother me I wasn’t running. I started training again last week first with a short run for about 30 min and ran my longest run Saturday before I started tapering. I ran 6 miles Saturday in 55 minutes and 15 seconds. My goal for the half is to finish in 2 hours. It didn’t feel like I was running hard Saturday so I was surprised when I finished my run in 55 minutes. After I saw my time, my worries flew out the door because I know I’m ready. I’ve trained really hard for this and it was definitely better for me to get sick 3 weeks before the race rather than this week.

I picked up my race packet today; I’m bib # 13799. The race is sold out; 5000 marathon runners and 10000 half marathon runners. The tech shirt is pink-my favorite color! :) I’ve been eating healthy all week, plenty of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. I’m staying at Marti’s house tonight to ensure a good night’s sleep because of my asshole neighbor (who I called the cops on Wednesday night). Marti has decided to run the half, not the whole thing but the majority. My insanity must be contagious. I ran my last run Friday, an easy 30 minute run on the nature trail at Highbanks with hills.

I don’t have any more races planned for this year and I was planning on taking a break for the next three months because of the bitter cold weather in winter. I told Dawn this on Sunday and she said ‘You’re still going to run, you won’t take 3 months off.’ She’s probably right. I’ll go crazy if I don’t run for 3 months straight, which is why I started running January 15. I’m considering the Buckeye Classic 10K November 14, it’s the Sunday during my weekend after my birthday which is when I plan on celebrating my birthday. I’ll probably make my decision next month and it’s looking like a yes right now. ;)

Next year’s races (so far): Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon May 1 (yay hills!); Pittsburgh Marathon May 15 (yay hills!); Nationwide Marathon Oct. 16; Triathlon: TBA.

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