Bier=Beer, I Know German.

Only in Columbus, Ohio while running the Oktoberfest Mieler Vier do you hear cows mooing. Friday evening was the start of Oktoberfest and the second annual 4 mile race. Don’t ask me why Oktoberfest is held during the month of September, beats the hell out of me. This four mile race was a critical one for me as I prepare for the Nationwide Half Marathon just like the Emerald City Quarter Marathon (1:04:09). My goal finish time was 36 min-40 min, a 9 min mile pace to 10 min but I definitely wanted to do better than a 10 min pace. I was kind of worried because it was only my second evening race and it’s so much easier to prepare for morning races. I’m usually so tired by 4:30 on Fridays and I knew this week wouldn’t be any different. I went out during lunch and bought some coffee to give me an extra caffeine boost during the afternoon.

I lined up behind the 9 min MIT(marathon in training) pace team knowing if I had a 9:15 min pace I would be happy with the results. I kept the team in site throughout the first 2 miles. We ran past cows, the race was at the Ohio State fairgrounds and Expo Center, and they were mooing and then I got a whiff of them. I crossed the halfway mark in under 18 min. Wait a minute, my fastest goal pace was 9 min. After the halfway mark I lost site of the 9 min pace team. I kept going strong and concentrated on my breathing. I finished in 35:27, my chip time was 35:01 (8:46 pace). I set a new PR, having never ran a 4 mile race before, and I feel like I’m on track for 2 hour half marathon Oct. 17. After the race I received a free beer, sausage, and creme puff. I guess I’ve found a new motivation…free food and alcohol after a race.

Marti and Me
Marti and Me

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