Such a Good Idea…

Last weekend Marti and I traveled to Pittsburgh for my first Dave Matthews Band concert, her second and it was such a good idea! Funny that the person who came up with the idea gave some pathetic excuse of why he/she couldn’t make it… Saturday morning started off on the right foot: Ants Marching was playing on my radio when I got out of the shower. In the car on the way to Pittsburgh Marti and I listened to Dave the whole way discussing which songs we wanted to hear at the concert.We took the T train to Station Square and met her old college roommate and husband at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Afterward we shopped and enjoyed a few laughs at the Pittsburgh sports store. One of my favorite t-shirts was: Pittsburgh- the Good, Cleveland- the Bad, Baltimore- the Ugly, and Cincinnati- the Convicted. Our final stop at Station Square was Bar Louie for a drink. We took a boat shuttle across the river to PNC Park and when we got on the boat they were playing ‘Tripping Billies’.

We were already having a great time and the best part was yet to come! When we got to PNC Park we bought Primanti Bros sandwiches and chatted with the DMB fans sitting behind us. Jimmy and his girlfriend drove 7 hours from Michigan. We discussed again which songs we were hoping to hear. Zac Brown Band opened for Dave and rocked the stage especially at the end when they played Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name of’. Dave opened with ‘You Might Die Trying’ and the park exploded! They played #41 and Seven, two of the songs I wanted to hear and Some Devil and Two Step in the encore- two songs Marti wanted to hear.

We took the T train back and joked with others in the train while our personal bubbles were violated.  We listened to Dave on the way back to my house and fell asleep with songs from the concert in our head. Such a Good Idea…

Marti and Me
Marti and Me

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