Jobless Grad Sues College for Tuition

A couple days ago I came across this article and I was quite appalled;”

Wouldn’t we all like to do this if we didn’t have a job after being unemployed for only 3 months? 3 months is nothing compared to those who have been unemployed since August of last year! If this woman would even win this case, don’t see how she would, every college graduate who is currently unemployed would follow suit. I do have to frown upon the college for not teaching her well; many people realize the economy is currently in a recession making it harder to find work among other things. So I attribute her unemployment to the fact that she’s too lazy to look online everyday and apply for jobs and start networking, she shouldn’t have much trouble finding work with an information technology degree.

But on a positive note the Job Report for July was released this morning. Unemployment rate is at 9.4%, down one tenth a percent from June and average hourly earnings are up one tenth a percent at 0.2%. The average period of unemployment is 24.5 weeks, about 6 months. The market has been pretty flat lately rather than declining and last night Obama announced that we are out of the recession. Although, CNBC pointed out that many Americans will look for immediate assurance that Obama is correct and will be dissappointed when they don’t see immediate results. Be patient jobless grads like me, things can only get better…

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